Velodrome Hire (training)

Track training

Hiring our Velodrome

The velodrome is available for hire, by Townsville Cycle Club members only, on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in 2-hour intervals starting from 4am. 

Fees are fixed per booking. Consecutive bookings cannot be made. 

It is required that at least one (1) adult, non rider, is at the track to provide supervision for riders’ safety. 

The club motorbike is available for hire for an additional $20.

Those with their own motorbikes are welcome to use them provided they have completed their required accreditation with the club, and provided their bike is good working order (no leaks, cannot cause damage to the track). 

To receive a motorbike accreditation, please contact tsvcyclesec@gmail.com. 

Penalties will apply, at the discretion of the Townsville Cycle Club executive committee, for anyone found to have breached these conditions above. These penalties can range from fines through to indefinite suspensions. These conditions are in place for the fairness and safety of our members.