May 22, 2021

Crit Champs Form Guide

A Grade

RiderCommentsForm (2021)Odds
Ben LawesImpressive last start at Oak Valley May 16 after taking the win against strong competition. Walked away with fourth a few weeks prior at Webb Drive April 18 but only by a tube’s width – did win the prime. Primed to place here.1-0-01:2
Marvin Baumeister-SchoenianThird last two starts at Townsville Cycle Club events and was second at Webb Drive Crit March 28. Has proven to mix it but untested on this track. A definite dark horse, don’t disrespect.0-1-22:1
Shane MarcusUseful type, strong stayer with punchy finish. Has won his last two criterium outings and looks to get back to winning form after upset last start at Oak Valley May 16. Distance not a problem, must keep a lookout over his shoulder for Lawes.2-1-01:4
Callum McDonaldInconsistent form causes for concern. Second place at Webb Drive April 18 provided false sense of form and was subsequently found out at Mackay Open May 1-2 and Oak Valley May 16. Others preferred.0-1-0100:1

B Grade

Stephen LaneDNF only TCC crit so far this season before taking a trip north to Cairns to try his luck. Despite tough luck bounced back in a big way at Oak Valley May 16 last week with third place behind competition on lighter weights. Shorter distance here, may suit. If we could place markets on max power, expect a 2000w bomb, don’t leave him out of your quaddie.0-0-11:1
Daniel EllisImpressed the handicapper with strong start to season in C Grade and has paid the price for it with a move up in class. Had a strong outing for first B Grade start last race at Oak Valley May 16 but ultimately fell short to some seasoned B Grade veterans. Back in his element here, expect to see the workhorse on the front, will he have enough at the finish?C Grade 1-1-0
B Grade 0-0-0
Euan KerswellA tracky that could do with more road k’s. Despite strong ability to sprint and drop watt bombs that Laney would fear, hasn’t been able to capitalise at the pointy end of the race. Odds of placing will increase if the Malaysian national skinsuit makes an appearance. See above for reference.0-0-010:1
Mark O’CallaghanConsistent form with placings in last three starts – yet to be first past the post. True all-rounder, knows how to position. Despite strong sprinting class in this grade can’t discount O’Callaghan’s grit to be there at the end – worth taking the chance.0-2-12:1
Alan HainsworthUnfamiliar competitor to the locals, flies the Byron Bay Cycle Club banner. Should always be cautious of outsiders. First up last race at Oak Valley May 16 and came in with bunch finish so can’t disregard – have eyes in the back of your head.0-0-05:1
Jack PembertonFirst up last start and took out the win in C Grade road race and has impressed the handicapper enough to move up in class. In a whole different ball game now but the confidence of the u19 rider calls for respect.(C Grade): 1-0-0
(B Grade): 0-0-0
Kobe OrmesPoor form to start the season now an outlier after taking wins in last two starts. Impressive last race Oak Valley May 16 after getting dropped from the early break to only get in the next and stay away. Has good turn of speed, will be hard to beat.2-0-06:8
Michael SheehanUseful type, can sprint after taking to the podium at both crits so far this season. Expect a strong finish. 1-1-05:2
Chris OlsenFirst up this race for the season, no previous results to base form off. Keep an eye on him. 0-0-0N/A

B Grade Women

Briana McDonaldOnly her second outing at TCC events as team duties have kept her in the Brisbane big leagues. First woman last start at a TCC event in a top-quality field of one at Webb Drive April 18. Will be in the mix. 1-0-01:1
Stephanie CorsetFirst woman last start in a field of one at Webb Drive March 28. A back marker that knows how to use the bunch to her advantage, will see her come through to the front of the pack at the end. Should perform. 1-0-01:2

C Grade

Keegan Sutton-BakerThird up this weekend with 6th and 5th places under his wing at Webb Drive March 28 and Oak Valley May 16 respectively. A workhorse, consistent in form but does he have the turn of speed at the end to reach the podium? Regardless, red means fast. Not a silly move to have him in your first four.0-0-04:1
James ClemTwo fourths from two criteriums for the season for Clem. A quiet achiever and loves the sprint finish. Been building nicely this prep and can forgive Oak Valley May 16 performance as u17 and u19 w/kg ratios up that climb are unrivalled. Back on a level playing field here, podium time is due.0-0-02:1
Robert BatesSome refer to him as the master – the field general of C Grade. Nothing gets past Bates. Another consistent stayer with two sixths from last two starts. Keep an eye out for the last lap flyer.0-0-05:1
Daniel MillerClaims to be his first ever crit race. No previous form to base off. Always be weary of the unknown.0-0-0N/A
Kyle ‘the gunshow’ GibbsHas been on killer form in recent weeks. Taking the win first up at Webb Drive March 28 was moved up in class to B Grade for Webb Drive April 18. Was upset last start but can’t complain after a breakout performance in Mackay Open May 1-2. Expect the w/kg to be through the roof, strong chance.(C Grade): 1-1-0
(B Grade): 0-0-0
Jason SmithA former Australian representative, is known for his sprint prowess. Third last crit on April 18, don’t be surprised to see a stellar performance again.0-0-13:1
Jake KerswellOlder brother of Euan, has similar sprinting capabilities. Will need a good run in to the finish, don’t sleep on him.0-0-05:1
Mark PyersFinished 5th at Webb Drive March 28 first up and is first up again tomorrow. Looks like he prefers coming off a spell, will be there in the finish.0-0-04:1
Rocky de NysA true stayer. Commands respect and deserves it with his experience. Expect a workhorse effort.0-0-04:1
Morgan ApelUntested at TCC events so far this season. Once more, don’t ignore the newcomers.0-0-0N/A
Nic RexClaims to be first race, keep an eye on the unknown.0-0-0N/A
Bill WestonFirst up this race for the season, no previous results to base form off. Once more, be cautious.0-0-0N/A
Andrew TuckerName commands respect. Second up, respectable result last start Oak Valley May 16.0-0-04:1
Simon JamesFirst up for the season. Experienced rider, could perform well here.0-0-0N/A
Nick KosanovicFirst up this race for the season, no previous results to base form off. Once more, be cautious.0-0-0N/A
Stephen KnottSecond up after a fourth place at Oak Valley May 16. Race format may suit the mountain biking background. A dark horse to look out for. 0-0-09:4
James HealyC Grade veteran. Has been knocking on the door with consistent form in recent races. If positioned well can climb onto the podium.0-0-04:1

C Grade Women

Alicia HarrisThird up this race for the better half of the TCC Power Couple. Strong showing in Mackay Open May 1-2 and second last start at Oak Valley May 16. Track background will suit this course, watch the sprint tactics come out in final laps.0-1-01:1
Amanda DoolanAlso third up for Doolan, coming off two first woman placings. Strong stayer with the ability to kick at the finish, needs to be in the quaddie.2-0-01:1
Megan GrantFirst up in Townsville, claims to have experience in other states for crits – stands a chance to push the locals all the way.0-0-0N/A
Chloe PankhurstMoving back to C Grade after finishing third last start in D Grade at Webb Drive April 18. Well rested coming off a short spell. Track background has her on par with the rest of the field come finish. (C Grade) 0-0-0
(D Grade) 0-0-1

D Grade

Tim RademakerImpressive last start taking the win over local legend Gary O’Neill but wasn’t uncharacteristic of the veteran. Has been building nicely this prep having claimed fourth at race prior, Webb Drive April 18, but has he peaked early or is this the beginning of a strong run of form? Only Rupert can tell. 1-0-03:2
Jonathan KerswellFather of Jake and Euan, can be held responsible for their sprinting finesse so therefore don’t disregard the Father of Power. Back to place.0-1-12:1
Gary O’NeillMr triple C’s himself – cool, calm and collected. Expect him to go toe-to-toe in strong field. Out for vengeance after the surprise upset last start at Oak Valley May 16. Has won his most recent crit, hard to pass up.1-1-01:1
Darren LeeMoving back in class from C Grade. Should prove a useful type with the recent C Grade experience, expect him to test here.0-0-03:2
Matt HarrisFirst up at a TCC event after impressing himself at Mackay Open May 1-2. Claims he races to train, but don’t be surprised to see the last lap flyer come out. Wouldn’t be unwise to include in a boxed trifecta. 0-0-04:1

D Grade Women

Katey SeabornEver consistent with three seconds from three starts. A must have for your trifecta, don’t disregard.0-3-01:1
Lindy SampsonBeginning to take a stranglehold on the division, Sampson remains the last undefeated rider for the 2021 season. Super coach Marcus Monteith will expect nothing less than the top step, and neither do the bookies.3-0-01:5
Jordyn KindnessIf the name is to give any indication she might be odds on favourite for nicest person in the peloton. However, for race odds the bookies are having a hard time with the Alice Springs representative. What does she have up her sleeve for the competition?0-0-0N/A
Kat GoreyFirst up after short spell not having competed since Webb Drive March 28. Went fourth in that outing. Knows how to dig deep and good chance to place.0-0-03:2