May 1, 2021

Kyle Gibbs brings out the gun show as Townsville takes two golds on Day 1 of Mackay Open

Kyle Gibbs (C Grade) and Shane Marcus (A Grade) took to the top step of the podium for Townsville Cycle Club in their 35km and 70km respective road races.

A windy and undulating circuit tested our 11 Townsville Cycle Club riders who made the trek south for this year’s Mackay Open.

5 Townsville Cycle Club riders made their way onto the podium:

  • Shane Marcus: 1st A Grade (70km road race)
  • Stephanie Corset: 3rd B Grade, 1st B Grade Woman (70km road race)
  • Briana McDonald: 2nd B Grade woman (70km road race)
  • Kyle Gibbs: 1st C Grade, 1st u17 (35km road race)
  • Alicia Harris: 1st D Grade woman (35km road race)

However the story of the day belongs to young Kyle Gibbs who out-sprinted a field of highly experienced riders. 

Despite his best attempts for a break-away finish, Gibbs’ victory was not to be denied when it came down to a bunch finish. 

“I tried to break-away with Jarrod (Fife) in the last 10km but they brought us back in after being out there for a few kilometres,” said Gibbs. 

“The wind was brutal, I managed to protect myself well in the bunch to save enough energy for the finish.” 

Gibbs proceeded to flex further on his fellow competitors by sporting a muscle singlet to the presentations.

When faced with the reality of having to race a further 9km in the handicap on Sunday morning, Gibbs says his confidence is on too much of an all time high to worry about it. 

Meanwhile, Briana McDonald welcomed the cut back in distance from her 70km B Grade road race, admitting praise to her God. 

Shane Marcus came to the finish line in a break-away of two, out-sprinting his Mackay opponent. 

The B Grade race 

The Mackay Open continues with the 44km Handicap and criteriums on Sunday 2 May.